Photo Challenge

Weekly Online Photo Contest Canceled

We’ve canceled the weekly photo contest due to lack of participation. Over the last two months we’ve only had a average of three people per contest and the amount of work involved can’t support that small a number. We’ll continue to do the Monthly Contests and the Facebook Challenges. – Jim Pearson, Vice President & Webmaster

July 2011 “One Square Block” Photography Challenge

The object of this daily, month-long photography challenge, is to pick a one square block area and photograph it daily during the month of July 2011, posting your favorite picture from each day on the club’s Facebook page, and in the club’s Gallery if you want, for others to view and critique.

Some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing are: pick a theme for the month to center your one block photos around; shoot everything from ground level; do the whole month in black and white; photograph something you can move and place in each picture, ie, a chair; or shoot the whole month using your favorite iPhone or similar camera app.

You may also do what ever creative processing you like to your photos.

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and we also encourage everyone to provide positive feedback to participants photos during the month. Everyone should have a nice set of pictures at months end that you could even make a photo book or calendar from that would make a great personal Christmas gift or something similar.

Same scene monthly for a year!

New Year Long Photo Project for 2011January 1 – December 31st, 2011 Participants in this West Kentucky Photography Club 2011 year long photo project will end up with a total of 12 pictures as their final product.Everyone who participates needs to pick a scene that you can return to monthly and photograph from the same basic or exact camera position and lens. You can pick the day you want to shoot or shoot on several different days, but must pick your best picture for the month of your scene and upload it to the club’s Facebook event page and/or gallery.The picture doesn’t have to be shot on the same day every month, unless that how you decide you want to approach this assignment.We encourage everyone to explore the scene you choose in different weather, seasons, events, ect. You may also include people as long as your camera position and lens selection stays the same during the year long photographic project. Be creative!After you shoot your first picture we suggest printing that picture and use it as a reference for your future photos. You could also take pictures, notes, ect on how your camera is setup so you can easily replicate your position monthly. If possible you could even mark your camera’s tripod leg positions with a spot of paint or put a small stick, stone, nail, ect. into the ground to mark your position.The idea is to have a collection of 12 photographs that could be made into your own calendar that shows a single scene with the changing elements, weather, ect. which could make a nice Christmas gift for family and friends next year.If you have any questions, comments, thoughts or suggestions please post them on the club’s Facebook event page or email Jim Pearson at webmaster@westkentuckyphotographyclub.comClubs Facebook Event SiteClubs Online Gallery

September in Black and White Challenge

Photo by Jim Pearson

Photo by Jim Pearson

The West Ky Photography Club is hosting a month long photography challenge titled “September in Black and White.” If your camera has a black and white mode then we encourage you to shoot with it, otherwise you may convert your color photo to black and white after shooting.Most of us don’t do much in the way of black and white anymore and we think folks will find it a refreshing change and perhaps a bit of a challenge as well to …do so.All pictures should be uploaded to our Facebook site or the Club’s Gallery site in black and white. Members may upload their daily image to a special gallery that will be on the main page of the club’s Gallery site or here on this event page.The Challenge will begin at midnight on September 1, 2010 and run through September 30, 2010.This will also offer those participating in the year long photo challenge a way to do two challenges at once.We look forward to seeing your world in black and white starting September 1st.If you have questions, need software help, or motivation, leave a post here on the event page or on the club’s main Facebook page.Post your photos for this event to this gallery(note, you will have to login to post your photos) Challenge Event Page’s Facebook Page Pearson, WebmasterWest Kentucky Photography Club