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Dorsey Davis to present for our May 8th, 2017 meeting

Photography by Dorsey Davis

Dorsey Davis

Our speaker for our May 8, 2017 is Dorsey Davis from Lancaster Ky. He is an award-winning photographer with over 40 years of experience, Dorsey excels at capturing the beauty of America’s landscape. Influenced heavily by his Appalachian roots, Dorsey’s work realistically captures and reveals his deep emotional connection to nature, transporting the viewer into the moment. This special talent allows the viewer to almost feel the cool mist of a water fall, hear the laugh of rushing waters, or bask in the warm rays of a summer sun.

Dorsey possesses a unique combination of technical knowledge, photographic experience and artistic vision allowing him to blend the light, shadow, and texture of our world into timeless works of art. Dorsey spent 30+ years in the technical training field which assures you of a positive learning experience that will improve your photographic skills whatever your degree of expertise might be.

His presentation will be, “Water’s Refrain” which looks at the many ways water speaks to our visual and spiritual selves. He will explore how to use our cameras to reveal varied stories that water in the natural landscape can tell us. Water movement, reflections, and how to capture your own unique vision are the center of this presentation.

This is a free community event and all are invited to join us at Barnes Auditorum from 7-9pm.

Join us and bring a friend!!!

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Photography by Dorsey Davis


Photography by Dorsey Davis