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2013 Owensboro Photowalk Winner is: By Warrena Barnerd

2013 Photowalk WinnerCongratulations to Warrena Barnerd for winning the Owensboro, Ky location of the Worldwide Photowalk. As the winner she will receive a digital copy of one of Scott Kelby’s books, and is in now in the running for the Grand Prize in the Worldwide Contest!

Warrena did an outstanding job of capturing a young girl and her dog. The placement and implied action with both the girls and dogs leg in the air, as they both moved along the wall, helped to make this the winning photo. The nice color of the grass helped to provide contrast to the girl and dogs clothing and provided a nice graphic design to the image as well. Plus the umbrella helps to keep your eye down on the subjects. The slight burning in on the corners of the photo also helps to bring the eye to the subjects. Great job!
All in all everyone turned in great images.

Becky McCubbins
Great job of using the graphic elements of the center. The reflections in the windows and the strong bold lines of the brickwork make this a strong graphic photo.

Timothy Blair
I love how you have used the repeating patterns of the underside of the bridge to lead your eye to the artist painting under it. The girders all help to drive your eye to the subject of the photo. I would have liked this shot better if you had cropped it a bit more from the bottom to get rid of the little bit of stone pillar in the lower left frame of the photo and also moving a little to the right to get rid of the orange cone. My eye keeps going to both of them.

Jerry Cable
I love the mood of this photo as it reflects the day we experienced very well. Great use of leading lines and framing. My main issue with this photo though is that it’s all leaning to the left and could have easily been straighten.

Susanne Siria
Great image of the scouts presenting the colors during the National Anthem. The placement and separation of the boys saluting the flag reminds me of a Norman Rockwell cover of Life Magazine. A simple and easy to read picture.

Rennan Quijano
It was a very close contest between this dad and son walking in the rain and the Winner of the walk. The placement, falling rain and both their right legs off the ground in motion really make this a strong photo. The conversion to black and white and nice design in the walk also really help to make this a nice moment between the two of them.

Robert Wyatt
I love the graphic design of this photograph. The leading lines coming down off the rock piles lead the eye nicely to the center of the photo and on to the orange trucks in the background. Also the green foliage in the back ground help to force the eye down to the trucks.

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October 2013 Meeting Notes: Backing up your images

We had a short presentation on backing up your images, what are the options. Camera Cards, DVD’s, BlueRay Disks, External HDs and Online Cloud Services.

Camera Cards: With the cost of camera cards coming down this could be an option for some folks. Just use the card till it’s full, copy the images to a hard drive and then label and store the card.

DVDs: While this is a fairly inexpensive option you are limited to 4.7 gigabyte of images per disk.

BlueRay Disks: This is a better option than DVDs because they will hold 25 gigabytes. However, you may have to buy a BlueRay drive as many computers don’t have one installed. They can range in price from: $49 to $150 depending on brand. They can be internal or external drives.

External HDs: The price for external drives has really come down in the past year and their size has gone up as well. On Amazon it’s possible to buy a 1 terabyte portable drive for about $70. It takes 1,000 megabytes to equal a terabyte. If your camera card holds 8 gigabytes then it’ll take awhile to fill up one of these drives. You can get 4 terabyte drives and larger as well. Just do a search on somewhere such as for current prices.

Here’s a external drive bay I use that will hold up to 4 – 3TB hard drives which you can swap out when they become full of your backups. I ordered mine from Amazon and if you want more information on it follow the link below:

Mediasonic HF2-SU2S2 ProBox 4 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure for 3.5″ SATA Hard Drives

Cloud Services: You can have storage on the internet for prices ranging from “Free” to Unlimited Space where you can store backups of your images. These include places such as iCloud, JustCloud, Drop Box, and many others. Some of the possible disadvantages are: Upload speed, loss of internet, reliability of service, price.

For a complete list and reviews on different sites visit this link:

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October 2013 monthly photo contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of our October 2013 monthly photo contest. This month’s theme was Your Favorite Photo (shot during September).