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Pennyrile Forest annouces dates for 2012 Spring and Fall Photography Weekends

Best in Show, Spring 2011 by Philip Travis

The Spring weekend will be April 20-22, 2012. The speaker and judge for the weekend will be WM. Gross Magee from Murray State University. He will be present a program on Saturday night. The Friday night program will be an introduction to the weekend and a Meet & Greet.

The Fall weekend will be October 19-22, 2012.

We strive to not only put on a good contest, but also to present information that will help participants become better photographers. The contest boundaries are the boundaries of Pennyrile State Forest. Photographs may be taken anywhere within the state park and state forest. The categories of the contest vary, but they will always have a nature emphasis examples are wildlife, landscape, water. Bring your own camera. Registration is $35. Register at least one week before the event and get a $5 discount. Children 16 and under pay just $10. 10% discount on lodging available.

Definition of Divisions:
Point & Shoot Digital – If you use a compact hand held camera that would not be used by a professional photographer.

Intermediate Digital – If you use a SLR type or other type of digital camera that is typically used by professional photographers, but you are not confident with your abilities to use your camera (example: I don’t know how to take pictures except in automatic mode, or I just bought my camera a month ago & I’m not familiar with it yet)

Master Digital – If you use a SLR type or other type of digital camera that is typically used by professional photographers. Any photographer who makes his/her own principal income from photography, or has profited from the sale of their photography. In addition, any photographers who by their own judgment feels that there level of expertise give them an unfair advantage over the Intermediate division.

Click Here to Download the Registration Forum as a PDF

Video: The Barn Edits

This is a video of a picture the photo club members downloaded for editing. They then brought their creative version of this image to our March 6, 2012 club meeting where talked about how folks achieved the different results with this same picture. This is a presentation of some of the images, minus the discussion.