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New Club Photography Project begins July 6th

Photo by Jim Pearson

Photo by Jim Pearson

Now that our first 30 Day Challenge has come to a close as of the 30th day of June we’re moving on to our next group photography project.Starting on July 6th, 2009 (Monday) and running for a week at a time we will post a location that everyone who wants to participate will have to photograph at during that week. You can shoot something at this location daily if you want and upload it to the group project or you can do it once during the week. You can photograph anything at the location inside or out as long as it is at the group photo project site. In addition if you want you can buddy up with someone and go together to shoot.This project will allow us to see how different people photograph the same location. Remember, you can choose to shoot and upload to the club’s forum daily or once a week if choose to do so.Same rules apply on the picture sizes though. Make your photo not larger than 500px wide with a resolution of 100.Again, this is not a contest. It’s just a project to get you out shooting with you camera.The Assignment for July 6th – 12th, 2009With that said our group photography location for the week of July 6th will be “The Court House Square.” Now, you’re not expected to travel to Hopkins County to photograph on the court house square. What you are to do is go to your nearest Court House Square (the ground that the court house sets on) and do your photography there.By going back to the same shooting location every day during the week you’ll be surprised by what you see different  on each visit. Try to go at different times of the day as well as the lighting and activity on the square will be different. In addition you are not limited to the outside only. You’ll find a wealth of interesting details and such in our courthouses.Again, while it’s not a requirement we will have a sign-up sheet in the forum to help those who need to make a stronger commitment by adding your name to the project.  We all look forward to seeing your photos… and the section on the forum for the project will be added by July 1st for signing up.P.S. Since a lot of us really enjoyed the 30 Day Photo Project we’re going to do one every three months. The next one will be the 30 Days of September.Click here for the weekly project site

West Ky Photography Club now on Facebook

facebookOur club has extended it web presence by setting our photography club up as a group on the popular Facebook social networking site. We have found that the club already has many of it’s current membership on the service and feel that this addition to our club’s web presence will further enhance members participation in club activities.Even with our other web locations we feel that this will add another dimension to our members furthering their photographic skills. It’s easy to post to what’s referred to as the “Wall” which is a location where all members of the group will be able to view anytime they login to Facebook and even have the option of getting an email alert when you post something to the “Wall” or the groups Gallery or Video section along with many other things.It’s also a great way of keeping up with what our members are doing on a day to day, hour to hour or even minute to minute basis if they want to update their status that often. I myself update my daily activities several times a day letting folks know what I’m up to from a photographic standpoint among other things. You can also easily leave messages for each other (private or otherwise) or do a live chat with other members online at the moment you are.If you are on Facebook browse on over to the club’s group and request to join. As with our other website locations this will be for club members only so each request to join will have to be approved. The link for the group is: you’re not already a member of Facebook you will be given the opportunity to sign up when you visit the link as you won’t be able to view the group unless you are signed into Facebook. I joined a few weeks ago and have found it to be a very refreshing way to keep up with what my friends, family and co-workers are doing.If you’re concerned about your privacy, Facebook gives you the option of only allowing people you select and approve as “Friends” to see your postings and information, plus the ability to set how you are emailed either by the group or Facebook.

30 Day Photo Challenge

Rainbow by Linda Collins

Rainbow photo by Linda Collins from her 30 Day Challenge Series

About 14 or so club members are currently taking part in the club’s first ever 30 Day Photo Challenge. Here’s what some of them are saying about their participation.I enjoy viewing the entries each day as I post mine. In my view, there are many that are outstanding. It is a challenge to do something different each day, and I have noticed there is a variety of subject matter which makes it even more interesting. – Warrena BarnerdI really enjoy seeing what is going on in everyone’s life as they post photos every day. It is a challenge to find something on some days, and I find way to much on other days and it is really difficult to choose. This has been enjoyable !! – Linda MillerWhile it’s too late to take part in this edition of the 30 Day Challenge everyone invites your participation by leaving comments or events that you think particpants may be interested in photographing in the following areas of our forum or to view our daily postings. (Note: You’ll need to be logged in to post)Comments -  Picture SuggestionsView the photos