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All day at Nassau, Bahamas

Tuesday we spent the whole day in Nassau and will set sail back to the states Wednesday morning arriving at 7am Thursday. We’ll have a whole day at sea on the way back.We started off the day shopping, but of course I shot more photos than I shopped, next we did a historic tour of Nassau and then I spent a couple hours in the evening roaming around some of the spots I saw on the historic tour. Had a great time overall and got some of my better photos of the trip today. Of course I had a lot more time to work at it today since we spent the night.I had a pick six today and it was tough narrowing it down to these six.Three Kids on the Wall:This is one is my favorite from the day and one of the locations I saw on the Historical tour and came back to. I love the way they are silhouetted against the ocean and their shapes. A clean, easy to read photograph.threeswimmers.jpgWalking man:I loved this yellow wall I found on our morning shopping trip and decided to wait for something to happen when this guy walked along and waved to a friend on my side of the street. Sometimes when you find a interesting scene that needs a main subject, all you need to do is be patient and wait.walkingman.jpgHot kid:This is another bold color wall that I found on the dock while waiting for the Historical tour to start and the little boy was really hot and kept his head down because the sun was so bright that he wanted to keep his eyes shaded.kidatwall.jpgRunning Girl:There were three cruise ships in the harbor today and I wanted to show them side by side. However I felt something was needed in the foreground so I waited and then this little girl just came running by. Again, if you find a scene and need something else, be patient and wait… it’ll usually come along.girlrunning.jpgFour Kids at beach:These four kids were at the same location and my favorite photo of the day. They saw me shooting their photo in the water and ran out and struck this pose. Sometimes things just happen that make a good photo. I shot it with my 300mm lens, but still cropped it just a little.fourkids.jpgKenneth with birds:I love the expression on my great-nephews face in this photo. We went to the local zoo and he got to feed some of the parrots which as you can tell, he loved. At one point he had seven birds on him, but I really like his expression and the interaction the two birds have going on.kenneth.jpgWell, it’s 12:30am Wednesday and we’ll have full day at sea. We’ll see what I find to shoot.Keep clickin…. Jim

First day in the Bahamas

Our first stop in the was today at Freeport, Bahamas where we spent 8 hours. I watched us head into port on my morning jog around the top deck of the ship. Of course there was a great photo about halfway into my 3 mile jog which was a rain cloud in the distance that had a rainbow that ran from the cloud to the Atlantic Ocean. Oh well, that’s the breaks.We spent most of the day in the marketplace which was about 20 min from the dock. It was more of a tourist thing than I wanted, but we still had a nice time and I got some nice photos. I think in Nassau we’re going to do the Zoo and a glass bottom boat cruise.Today I’m posting the following photos that are my favorites from the day as of 6pm. We’re doing dinner with the Captain thing tonight and so I wanted to get this posted before then.Making Way:I got this photo this afternoon as we were getting ready to cast off for our next destination. I actually shot it as a horizontal, but decided I liked it better cropped this way. I normally like to shoot for the full frame and eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute to the final photo. However when this happened it only lasted for a brief moment and sometimes you have to go with the flow.makingway.jpgMain Man:This character was down in the market place in full costume. When he sifted his eyes my way and smiled a little I knew I had what I wanted. Perhaps he was playing to the camera a little, but that’s O.K.mainmain.jpgPhotographers:This is my second favorite photo from today. It seems every-time we do anything the cruise ship has a line of photographers to document every move and of course have prints available in the lobby for purchase. All of them were using Nikons and most of them were D300’s.photographers.jpgSomething to show scale:By the way, did I say this is a big cruise ship? This is my Aunt Jean, great-niece Stephanie, niece Jamie, sister April and brother David on the dock by the front of the ship. Anytime you can include something in the forground of a large object it helps to show the scale better. Without the people the ship doesn’t seem a big in a photo.jean2.jpgHope you find the photos and my ramblings interesting.Keep clickin…. Jim

Sunday… First day at Sea

Today we set sail from Port Canaveral at about 4pm. The very first thing we did after getting underway was to have a ship wide lifeboat drill. Rather disquieting to say the least, but I guess not any different than what you go through on an airplane to survive a crash landing.Picture wise, there was all kinds of things going on to shoot. On this trip I’m using a Nikon D2H digital camera with an 18, 24-70, 80-200 and 300mm lens. I was going to bring my D300, but the auto focus stopped working and I had to send it in for repair.Most of what you’ll see here on this entry was shot with the 18 and the 24-70 zoom with an ISO of 200 except for the night shots which were at ISO 800. I hate using the D2H on 800, but I hate using flash even worse.Shadows:This photo of people and their shadows is my favorite from the day. I was on the uppermost deck on the bow of the ship shooting down as people walked along as the ship was setting sail.shadows.jpgThe Rail:I also like this shot looking down the rail of the ship with the lifeboat in the foreground. When shooting I always look for interesting leading lines to help draw the viewer into the photo.departure.jpgThe elevator:This is the main area of the ship where all the decks surround. I like how the elevator provides an interesting contrast to all the curves in the area. This was shot after dark at ISO 800.elevator.jpgWell, it’s about midnight here on the ship and tomorrow comes early with our first day in the Bahamas. I hope to find my way to the market and perhaps the zoo. We’ll see what develops.Keep clickin…. Jim

Cruisin on down

Well, I’m in Florida and it’s the night before our cruise to the Bahamas which departs from Port Canaveral Sunday afternoon at 4pm. I’m planning to do a photo posting and daily journal on my shooting during the cruise. I hope you all drop by and see what’s going on.JimLook for photos tomorrow…