Woldwide Photowalk: October 11, 2014

grill 1Our Princeton Ky Photowalk site is live! There’s still openings available for our participation in the Scott Kelby 2014 Worldwide Photowalk!

Visit our location via the link below and signup today! You don’t have to be a member of the West Kentucky Photography Club to enjoy this event!

Click below to signup!


We encourage anyone who has a interest in photography to join us! The walk is October 11, 2014 starting at 9am.

While you’ll upload your entry for the walk here, you may want to participate in our and the worldwide Flickr groups. Links are:

Your local Flickr group can be found here:

The main Worldwide Photo Walk page can be found here:

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Monthly Contest Winners – August, 2014

Congratulations to all our winners of the August 2014 Contest – The theme was Patterns.

2014 Eagles Nest Locations

Several members have asked where the eagles nests are that other members have been photographing at. Here’s maps to a couple of them that I’ve been shooting at.

Tips for shooting: First and foremost the key is keeping quiet, make slow movements and respect other photographers and birdwatchers that may be there when you show up. I’d strongly suggest using a tripod and a good long lens as both nests are rather high up in the trees.

Also, shoot with the fastest shutter speed you can to capture the Eagles without blur. If you’re not sure what that is on your camera then set it at the “Sports” setting, usually designated by a running figure on your dial. If you’re shooting with a VR or IS (vibration reduction or Image Stabilized) lens then be sure to turn this setting off when you are shooting from a tripod. Otherwise your pictures may look blurry. If you have one I’d suggest using a remote cord for your camera as you won’t always need to be right at the camera.

If you want to catch them entering or leaving the nests then you should frame your picture in such a way to allow room to do so. Then you’ll just have to sit and wait for them. Right now both nests have young chicks and so there’s always one of the Eagles close by keeping an eye on them. Enjoy photographing and be careful! One last thing… ticks are out!

The arrows on the maps point to the general area of the nests. Click on map for larger versions.

Gilbertsville, Ky Eagles Nest Location

Gilbertsville, Ky Eagles Nest Location

Grand Rivers, Ky Eagles Nest Location

Grand Rivers, Ky Eagles Nest Location


Monthly Contest Winners – February – April, 2014

April 14th, 2014 Photography Club Meeting – Macro Photography

Photo by Ray Quijano

Photo by Ray Quijano

Program will be by Steve King, Rennan Quijano and myself Jim Pearson. This will be a hands on program on Macro Photography. Everyone is encouraged to bring your camera, tripod if you have one and any macro lens, extension tubes and so on. If you don’t have any of these things then bring what you have and we’ll work with it.

After the presentation by Steve we will break up and take pictures of various things we’ll be bringing… that way you can practice some of the techniques while we’ll be there to help you.

The monthly contest theme is: Fill The Frame

2013 Pictures of the Year

We held our 2013 Pictures of the Year contest during our January 2014 meeting. The first place winners of the monthly contests were judged by the membership and the following awards were presented. First Place went to Warrena Barnerd and there was a tie for Second Place between Margaret Brown and Warrena Barnerd. When there’s a tie for second place we don’t award a third place.