Dorsey Davis to present for our May 8th, 2017 meeting

Photography by Dorsey Davis

Dorsey Davis

Our speaker for our May 8, 2017 is Dorsey Davis from Lancaster Ky. He is an award-winning photographer with over 40 years of experience, Dorsey excels at capturing the beauty of America’s landscape. Influenced heavily by his Appalachian roots, Dorsey’s work realistically captures and reveals his deep emotional connection to nature, transporting the viewer into the moment. This special talent allows the viewer to almost feel the cool mist of a water fall, hear the laugh of rushing waters, or bask in the warm rays of a summer sun.

Dorsey possesses a unique combination of technical knowledge, photographic experience and artistic vision allowing him to blend the light, shadow, and texture of our world into timeless works of art. Dorsey spent 30+ years in the technical training field which assures you of a positive learning experience that will improve your photographic skills whatever your degree of expertise might be.

His presentation will be, “Water’s Refrain” which looks at the many ways water speaks to our visual and spiritual selves. He will explore how to use our cameras to reveal varied stories that water in the natural landscape can tell us. Water movement, reflections, and how to capture your own unique vision are the center of this presentation.

This is a free community event and all are invited to join us at Barnes Auditorum from 7-9pm.

Join us and bring a friend!!!

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Photography by Dorsey Davis


Photography by Dorsey Davis

February 2017 Photo Contest Winners – On the ground

1st Place February 2017 “On the ground” by Susanne Smith Elliott – © 2017

2nd Place February 2017 “On the ground” by Warrena J. Barnerd – © 2017

3rd Place February 2017 “On the ground” by Karol Welch – © 2017

3rd Place February 2017 “On the ground” by Tom Glass – © 2017

January 9, 2017 West Kentucky Photography Club Presents Byron Jorjorian

Photo by Byron Jorjorian

The guest speaker for the West Kentucky Photography Club’s meeting next Monday, January 9, 2017 will be Byron Jorjorian, who has been named one of the top 40 Nature Photographers worldwide by The Best of Nature Photography.

He will share the process that he uses to conceive, develop, and refine his imagery while in the field. He will also give 16 principles that he incorporates into his way of interacting with the environment to create his photographs.

The program will start at 7pm on Monday, January 9, 2017 in the Hatley Building, Barnes Auditorium, which is part of the Madisonville Community Health Technology Campus, at 750 Laffoon Street, Madisonville, Ky. The program is free and open to the community. Please invite all your photography friends and nature lovers! Let’s have a great turn out for Byron’s program.

Byron Jorjorian has been capturing the natural world on film for over 36 years. With over 425,000 images in his files, his photographs have appeared on nationally published greeting cards, calendars, magazines, posters, murals, fine art prints, books, brochures, and advertising. Byron has had over 12,000 images published and has had over 22,000 fine art prints installed all over the United States.

Byron was featured in the book, The Best of Nature Photography – Images and Techniques from the Pros and was named one of the top 40 Nature Photographers worldwide.

He has also been published in National Geographic and his book, The Skywriting Journal, was featured in “O” Magazine as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Byron’s coffee table book, Treasures Untold – Uncovering Masterpieces of Nature Across Tennessee, as published the Fall of 2014.

His award-winning photography has appeared in 100’s of publications such as:

* Time Magazine
* National Wildlife Magazine
* National Geographic Society Publications
* National Parks Magazine
* Outdoor Photographer Magazine
* The Nature Conservancy Magazine
* Ducks Unlimited Magazine
* Defenders of Wildlife Magazine
* Smithsonian Books
* Sierra Club Publications
* Audubon Field Guides

Some of his corporate stock photography clients include:

* Ford Motor Company * Apple Barn
* Toyota * Ryman Auditorium
* Minolta Corporation * Opryland Hotel
* United States Postal Service * Chimney Rock
* Sprint * Stone Mountain
* Bellsouth * Universal Studios (CA & FL)
* Disney Cruise Lines * Mall of America
* The Alamo * Titanic Museum
* Kennedy Space Center

Byron’s wife, Susan, manages their full-time professional stock/assignment photography business from their home in Tennessee. He is represented by 4 stock agencies worldwide.

They will have a table setup for book sales.

Members of the club should note that we will also have a table setup for collecting the dues for 2017 and anyone that would like to join the club.

2016 West Kentucky Photography Club Pictures of the Year Winners

The top photos were selected for 2016 from all our first place winning photos from each month during the year.

First Place West Kentucky Photography Club Picture of the Year 2016 by Lara Ramsey

Second Place West Kentucky Photography Club Picture of the Year 2016 by Bill Murphy

Second Place West Kentucky Photography Club Picture of the Year 2016 by Susanne Smith Elliott

Third Place West Kentucky Photography Club Picture of the Year 2016 by Warrena J. Barnerd